01Partnership with SEWIO Networks
04Provide S-PAS solution License to customer
04Partnership with E-Ink
08RTLS Tag Device mass-production
07Smart Tag system project
at KIA Motors Factory in India
08Acquisition of INNO-BIZ certificate
09Launch of S-MAS project and sales
10Launch of S-Edge HW/SW project and sales
03Launch of S-Tag series, S-Gateway project and sales
03Smart Tag system project at Kia Motors factory
in Hwasung and Slovakia
12Launch of location based RTLS HW service project
01Contract with Gyungnam University LINC
03Launch of S-PAS SW project and sales
01Factory automation system (Gantry Loader)
patent and design applied
02Selected as a First-Penguin style start-up business
by the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
06Registered as a software business entity
Launch of embedded SW development/inspection
08Floating Deburring tool holder design patent applied
03TEIA corporation founded
04Registered as a venture business and SI business
started Contract acquired with Hyundai and
Kia Motors for supplying IPS SW
09Launch of factory engineering service business
10Opened TEIA R&D center
11Launch of smart factory business model