Business Performance

SVC Type Industry Project Date
Production Engineering
/ R&D
Production Engineering Process Major Issue Management System Sep. ’15~Dec. '15
Production Technology Facility Management System Improvement Dec. ’15~Apr. ‘16
Commercial Vehicle Development Center Knowledge Management System Dec. ‘15~Jul. '16
Steel Plate Quality Assurance System Dec. ’15~Feb. ’16
Power Train and Vehicle Design collaboration System Jun. ’15~Oct. ’15
R&D Investment Planning System Improvement Jun. ’15~Feb. ’16
Assembly Issue Total Assessment WEB System Aug. ’16~Feb. ’17
Common Parts System Improvement Oct. ’16~Mar. ’17
Commercial DICS Optimization & DAP Model Coherence Oct. ’16~Mar. ’17
Standardized Parts Management System Improvement Nov. ’16~Mar. ’17
Fuel Cell Electrode Film Development Dec. ’16~May. ’17
Development Standard Procedure Other Field System Association Dec. ’16~May. ’17
Integrated R&D Task Portal Jan. ’17~Sep. ’17
Integrated Production Cost Information System (i-CIMS) Improvement Nov. ’18~Aug. ’19
Assembly line engineering System Dec. ’15~May. ’16
Ramp Pilot Management System Apr. ‘16~Sep. ’16
Global Facility Integrated Management System May. ’16~Nov. ’16
PTRM Improvement Jun. ’16~Nov. ’16
Collaborative Management System for Facility Implement Jul. ’16~Dec. ’16
Oversea R&D Portal System Aug. ’16~Oct. ’16
Production Engineering Portal Function Enhancement Nov. ’16~Dec. ’16
Process Layout Plan by Person C/T Management Mar. ’17~Jun. ’17
PLM Phase 1 Development Nov. ’17~Oct. ’18
PLM Phase 2 Development Dec. ’18~Oct. ’19
Hospital Medical Center Hospital Information System Oct. ’17~Mar. ’19
IT Part maker Information System Operation ‘16~
Production Engineering DMWorks Maintenance ‘17~
Design, Analysis S/W Maintenance ‘16~
R&D VCM (Virtual Car Management) Mar. ’17~Oct. ’17
Vehicle Design Outsourcing Mar. ’17~Aug. ’18
Consulting &
System Implement
AR/VR(Gov.) Mixed Reality based Industrial Collaborative Support System Dec. ‘16~Nov. ’17
Digital MFG
Paint Body shop Quality Analysis System Apr. ‘16~Jul. ’16
Flexible Parts Dynamic Analysis Technology Development Apr. ‘16~Oct. ’16
Flexible Parts Dynamic Analysis Technology Development SW Jul. ‘16~Aug. ’16
SDM System Establishment Sep. ‘16~Mar. ’17
3D Viewer Development Apr. ‘16~Nov. ’16
Vehicle Robot C/T Prediction System (DMWorks) Oct. ‘16~Dec. ’16
DMWorks pilot Jun. ‘16~Aug. ’16
Digital Production Engineering : DMWorks implement Oct. ‘16~Dec. ’16
DIGITAL 3D Factory China Chongqing Factory 3D Modeling Feb. ‘17~Oct. ’17
Production Engineering Automatic Welding point positioning and Welding Condition Management System May. ‘18~Oct. ’18
Production EngineeringC China Wire Harness Factory Logistics Simulation Jun. ‘18~Aug. ’18
Test & QA
Embedded SW Application SW Development/Verification based on AUTOSAR May. ‘16~Jul. ’16
Functional safety based iMEB + EPB Controller verify Sep. ‘16~Dec. ’16
Functional Safety based MEB5 & EPB verify Mar. ‘17~Jul. ’17
CAN DB Verification for Passenger vehicle Jan. ‘18~Dec. ’19
CAN DB Verification of Commercial vehicle Parts Jan. ‘19~
System Development
Energy Energy Monitoring(PMS) Solution Jan. ‘16~Mar. ’17
Consulting &
System Implement
Automation Facility Auto-Recognition System (Liquid Injection) Jul. ‘16~Oct. ’16
Auto-Recognition System (Tire) Aug. ‘16~Oct. ’16
Automatic Identification system for parts inventory (Utilizing Weight Detecting Sensor) Aug. ‘16~Nov. ’16
Assembly Line Sequence Auto-Supply Sep. ‘16~Dec. ’16
Production Engineering
/ R&D
Pre-Heating Machine Automatization Sep. ‘17~Oct. ’17
Production Gantry Gripper molding Production Aug. ‘17~Sep. ’17
Smart Factory Smart Production Information System Aug. ‘16~Dec. ’16
Auto industry RTLS(Real-Time Location System) Development Nov. ‘16~Dec. ’16
IoT-based SmartTag Production line Test Feb. ‘17~Jul. ’17
IoT Smart Tag Wireless Charging Module Development Mar. ‘17~Jul. ’17
Auto Industry Assembly line SmartTag System Mar. ‘18~Oct. ’18
Auto Industry production line SmartTag System Sep. ‘18~Nov. ’18
Auto Industry production line SmartTag System May. ‘20~Dec. ’20
Auto Industry production line SmartTag System Expansion Jun. ‘19~Dec. ’19
SmartTag Association Specification Checking System Development Aug. ‘19~Oct. ’19
Economy type Smart Tag Development Sep. ‘19~Oct. ’19
Auto Industry production line SmartTag System Expansion Nov. ‘19~Mar. ’20
University Smart Factory(MSF) system implement for Education Jan. ‘20~Dec. ’20